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xXInsomniacXx Manager posted Apr 14, 17

Digital Reality: Hardwired


Server Manager: Cephy

Launcher: Technic

crimson_warloard why does the texture pack the server wants me to download never downloads?
xXInsomniacXx Manager A full mods list can be found here
Devious1000 tagMod Imagine TPPI, but more, 1.7.10, and even more, more, more, and did I forget to mention? MORE stuff.

Server Lineup!

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Feb 26, 17


Server Manager: TotallyIridium

Launcher: FeedTheBeast


Server Manager: Evilbunk

Launcher: Minecraft Launcher

Happy 3 Year Anniversary

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Feb 11, 17

This month marks our 3rd year of Kingdom Servers

A little on our history:

February 2013

Ore Kingdom Launches as a small Direwolf20 server run on JnK's Computer


May 2013

Ore Kingdom switches pack to TPPI


Summer 2013

Ore Kingdom gradullay gets players as TPPI gets popular


Late Summer 2013

Ore Kingdom goes hosted


Early fall 2013

Ore Kingdom switches to dedicated servers and brings in Alright2


Late Fall 2013

Ore Kingdom servers cant handle the amount of players and moves to more powerful server


2014 - Late 2016

Ore Kingdom Continues to release more FTB servers


Early 2017

Ore Kingdom becomes Kingdom Servers and expands to other games and redesigns website

Its been a long and at some times challenging 3 years but this is a milestone I thought

we would never make it to. The past few months have seen some drop in players

and the server has gone from being fully funded by the community to being paid in full by JnK.

This community means so much to me that I could not see it die. This is why we have brought in

5 new Sever Managers and we will push on through this rough time to accomplish another year!

Thank you to all those who come here to play,

Alfez tag Happy 3rd Jnk!! I have had a great time with the server, people,and staff. I've been on for 2 years and hope to be ...
Ellors tag Hi Jnk Happy 3.Year Anniversary to You JnkTechstuff :D Thanks to all Staff and players in the past, looking forward to...

Dev Update 2/7

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Feb 7, 17

Hello everyone!

Here is a quick update on what we are working on:

- Rust server [Complete]

- 2 MC Servers (Yet to be determined packs)

- ARMA 3 Server

- Just Cause 3 Server

- GMod DarkRP Server

We are looking for staff for all these servers and also people to run servers

The one thing you must realize is that when you apply to become a 

server manager that means that you can handle these aspects:

- Troubleshooting your server 90% of the time

- Maintaining your server full time

- Aquiring staff and properly communicating to them

- You must be in contact almost every day with higher staff

If you think you can handle these things and know how to make a server

(Must be linux compatable) Then please make a Server Manager Application

jxcksxn Ohhhh now I get it. But lets say I have a linux system would I be able to have the server hosted there or is it just not...
TotallyIridium ModManager I actually recently bought Arma 3 and I was wanting to get into it, so I'd be happy to help out with that. Can'...
DapperDuff Manager Everyone, please keep in mind that Space Engineers cannot be hosted by OreKingdom/Kingdom Servers as it needs WindowsOS ...

Rust Server Online

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Feb 2, 17

How to connect

Option 1:

In Rust open console (F1)

Type in this command: connect

Option 2:

Search Kingdom Servers in the community server list


- Oxide gaming plugin framework

- Anti-Offline Raid

- Clans

- 3-5x Gather Customized

Please also note that the voting tab has been replaced with a servers tab

This will now be the area to go to join our servers

DapperDuff Manager By the way everyone! The server has been updated for the most recent version of RUST!