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JnKTechstuff Founder posted Fri at 15:39

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that the clock at the top is running out!

Thanks to ellor's donations we need about $70 to keep the server running!

There is a sale going on so please help support the server

Ore Kingdom Future

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Sep 24, 16

Hello everyone!

I think I need to take some time and make a post here talking about the current state of the servers

First: My time and Alright2's time

Me and Alright2 have been somewhat absent from the servers because of College/University

Now that I have settled in and gotten my grades up and going I can put more time into the servers.

Alright2 may be spotty in and out because he has taken a heavier workload then me.

Second: Degrading numbers of TPPI

Everyone knew this time would come where TPPI would start to die out. We look at the numbers of all the other

TPPI servers and they are doing worse than us. We will continue to run the server until it is completely dead,

so dont worry. If the community wants a map reset then someone needs to take initiative and post

a poll on the website.

Third: New servers and Continental Crisis

Everyone has been waiting for news from me about the CC server and the news is not the best. Me nor Alright2 

can lead the server there because of the massive time effort that goes into it. We might change the way we

were going to setup the server or find new leaders. As far as other servers go we will put out 2 new servers.

I need 2 people to run them as I am about crunched for time getting CC ready and maintaining the servers.

Fourth: Donations

Ore Kingdom has always run off the generosity of the community. Mainly because I can not afford it with

paying for college and flight lessons. We are going to need to raise enough money (about $200) by the 24th

of next month. We know it is a long time but we wish to put that out there and we ask that if you want us to

continue to be a small amazing community we ask that some of you be generous and donate! We will be

running a month long sale to help.

Update 1:

Infinity is becoming Crackpack

Sky Factory is becoming Infitech2

Continental Crisis is becoming The 1.7.10 Pack

TPPI is staying the same

All are effective immediatly!

Thank you all for being awesome,


Alfez tag Is there any way that I could possibly test the Continental Crisis modpack? I've looked for it on technic but it do...

TPPI Issue

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Sep 1, 16

We were alerted early today that the server

had set a world to be a Vote World.

We had setup a plugin to do this to the mining world a while

ago but decided to remove it due to technical difficulties.

For some reason this world was set again and it made

everyone require to vote to play.


We have resolved the issue and you are free to go about normally

TPPI Reset!

alright2 Developer posted Jul 16, 16

The map on TPPI has been reset!

Enjoy the refreshed, lag-free server.

As always, our map reset is accompanied by a 20% off sale!

Barry812 tag I guess the sell has ended...
bstewar6 tagtag How did you just now find out about this, guys? It was reset about 7PM GMT -6 last night.
SpiritofEuphoria tagAdmin Reset? Kickass

Event changes incoming

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Jul 1, 16

We are going to do some changes to the way we do events


- Will be planned ahead

- Some events will require people to be on teamspeak

- Better reward and planning

We are doing this for many reasons:

- More people to participate on events

- Gain a teamspeak population

- Give everyone and opportunity to participate

All this lets us do better giveaways

Remember we have a suggestion for forum 

So go post event ideas!

8_Bit_Fox tag So.... What about those who refuse to speak... I'm not exactly happy with having to be on team speak... I dont have...
dejus11 tagtagAdmin Minecraft trivia night!
xXInsomniacXx tagtagHead Admin I would say a "Don't laugh comp" But with push to talk it would be sketchy