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My Absence

JnKTechstuff posted May 21, 16

For the next several months I will be without a main source of internet.

I am taking summer classes to finish my flight degree faster.

I will be living at my cabin where there is literally no internet besides my phone internet

I will be looking at the website daily and I will also be looking for an apartment

But not to worry the servers will be in very good hands!

Alright2 will be taking the role of the main owner this summer so the servers can only get better!

Of course if things change then I will inform you but it pains me to be away from the servers for so long.

I wont leave you empty handed so here is a picture of one of my latest flights!

Thanks and have fun!


BTDmaster467 Have fun. Stay safe Don't go crazy from WiFi Deficit Disorder
captain_p0wer tagtag
captain_p0wer @ TPPI
stay safe. if you are ever on the west side, hit me up
Ellors tag Oh dear your summer is way to long i say >.< ....jk ;) Jnk have a good time -and bout hands horizontal!, C...

Well you all asked for it so we delivered!

The official Ore Kingdom Space Engineers server is ONLINE!



How to connect:

Open steam

Click view at the top

Click servers

In the Pop-Up menu click favorites

Down at the bottom right click "Add a Server"

Enter this IP:

Click connect!

(After you do this once it will be in the favorites tab in game)


The server is a peaceful server and wars will be conducted by server staff!

BubbadeDestroyer tag well the servers down... thats never new lol
DapperDuff tag Bought the game but never opened it....lol

Rank Changes

JnKTechstuff posted Apr 26, 16

We have some exciting news!

We have just introduced a new rank:

This is a new rank that will bridge the gap between Gold and Redstone ranks


- 1 Full Hotbar of items from creative (9 Inventory Slots)

- $50,000 in game money

- All of gold rank (Money does NOT add up!)

- 5 Hybrid Solar Panels (TPPI)

The price is only $20 and its a great starter rank for those who want to support the server!

This also means that Gold Rank has gone down to only $10!

DonoughtMuncher How is copper better than gold?
Koffi__vK o joy

How to play:

Download the A3Launcher: Here

**Optional** Chose a directory for your mods because these can get big

Once you have setup the launcher the way you want click the "Servers" tab

Search "Kingdom" and click our server

The launcher will tell you that you dont have the required mods click "OK"

The launcher will now download/install all the mods for you

Once they are downloaded click the play button again to be launched right in the server

(We reccomend that you click the ★ next to our server so you dont have to look again!)


This server is still a WIP but I believe we have it about 80% done

I need people to play to be able to get it fully to 100% done

Bugs for the server are taken up with JnK on TeamSpeak!

IgnisDragon tag Meh, i saw this coming sadly, oh well i enjoy playing space engineers anyways, its still a shame we cant have an awesome...
xXInsomniacXx tag Wow Space Engineers got a major overhaul... Wait a minute!!!!
Airfirewall tag Is this like a roleplay server like atlas life and some others or is this a survival deathmatch.

You and Ore Kingdom

JnKTechstuff posted Apr 19, 16

I just want to make a news post reminding you all:

- We always take suggestions through the forums

- We also encorage you to suggest events for us to run

Your constructive critisism makes us better which can only mean good things for you

Also we would love some reviews to publish on some adverts

so if you would like to go on record with a review drop in a support ticket!

Thank you all!


DapperDuff tag When I saw the title You and Ore Kingdom, I thought this was a requesting donations thread... haha